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Dip Dab Retro Dippable Sherbet Treat - One Pack - Candy Baba

Dip Dab Retro Dippable Sherbet Treat - One Pack - Candy Baba

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Indulge in a nostalgic blast from the past with these delightful Dip Dab sweets! This classic retro treat has been a favourite among candy lovers for generations, and now you have the chance to experience the joy it brings all over again.

Classic Flavour: Each pack of Dip Dab sweets includes two components: a luscious fruit-flavoured lollipop and a sachet of zingy sherbet. Simply dip the lollipop into the sherbet, and watch the magic happen as the sweet flavours collide, creating an explosion of taste in your mouth.

High-Quality Ingredients: We take pride in providing our customers with top-notch sweets. These Dip Dab treats are made from premium ingredients, ensuring that every bite is filled with quality, flavour, and a hint of nostalgia.

Perfect for All Ages: Whether you're a candy connoisseur or just want to share a sweet moment with loved ones, Dip Dab sweets are perfect for all ages. Kids and adults alike will be charmed by the classic taste and interactive dipping experience.

Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains multiple servings, making them perfect for on-the-go snacking or sharing during gatherings, parties, or movie nights.

Ideal Gift Idea: Looking for a unique gift for a candy lover or someone who cherishes their childhood memories? Look no further! Dip Dab sweets make an excellent present for birthdays, holidays, or as a special treat to brighten someone's day.

Our Candy is packed to order from our physical Candy Shop in London, so order... sit back... receive your candy and enjoy! Or otherwise visit us to pick up your candy (3 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PP)

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