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Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits with Milk Flavoured Filling - Japan Cream Biscuit Treat

Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits with Milk Flavoured Filling - Japan Cream Biscuit Treat

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Indulge your taste buds with the delightful and irresistibly cute Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits with Milk Flavored Filling. These delightful treats bring the essence of Japan right to your doorstep, offering a mouthwatering experience that's perfect for all ages!

Product Features:
Authentic Japanese Snack: Experience the taste of Japan with these iconic Hello Panda biscuits. Crafted by Meiji, a renowned Japanese confectionery brand, these biscuits are made with the finest ingredients for an authentic Japanese flavor.

Creamy Milk Filling: Each crunchy biscuit is generously filled with a luscious and creamy milk flavored filling. The combination of the crisp biscuit shell and the smooth, sweet filling creates a delightful contrast that will keep you coming back for more.

Adorable Panda Designs: Not only do these biscuits taste fantastic, but they also come with adorable panda designs on each one. Discover a variety of cute panda expressions stamped onto the biscuits, making snack time an enjoyable and playful experience.

Convenient Individual Packs: This listing is an individual pack, each individual pack contains a generous portion of Hello Panda Biscuits. These convenient packs are perfect for on-the-go snacking, lunchboxes, or sharing with friends and family.

Freshness Guaranteed: We source our products directly from reputable suppliers, ensuring that you receive fresh and authentic Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits with Milk Flavored Filling. The biscuits are carefully sealed to maintain their freshness and delightful taste.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Lactose, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Seasoning (Salt, Natural Flavors), Leavening (Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Malt Extract, Yeast, and Artificial Colors (FD&C Red 40, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow 6, FD&C Blue 1).

Size: Each pack contains approximately 25 grams of biscuits.

Candy is packed to order from our physical Candy Shop in London, so order... sit back... receive your candy and enjoy! Or otherwise visit us to pick up your candy (3 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6PP)

Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with these charming and delectable Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits. Whether you're a fan of Japanese snacks or just looking for a tasty and adorable treat, these biscuits are a must-have addition to your snack collection. Order yours now and embark on a flavorful journey to Japan's snacking world!

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