We are Candy Baba, an Independent business operating out of London specialising in creating delicious and wide array of unique juices, smoothies and sweet treats that are perfect for any occasion.

We take pride in using only the finest ingredients to ensure that each bite is a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Monday

    Claim your free Fruit Pot, full of nutritious fruits that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Guaranteed to start your day off RIGHT!

  • Tuesday

    Claim your free Salad Pot, full of nutrient-rich ingredients to kickstart your day.

  • Wednesday

    Claim your free Chocolate Treat, guaranteed to start your day off with a touch of sweetness!

  • Thursday

    Claim your Dehydrated Fruit Taster Pot, full of a variety of nutrient-rich fruits carefully dehydrated to preserve their natural flavors and textures.

  • Friday

    Claim your Free Sweet Bag, and treat yourself to some sugary delights!

  • Saturday/Sunday

    Claim your free Smoothie or Juice, and treat yourself to a refreshing beverage on the house!

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Special Offers

Have a look at our Daily Offers (Mon-Sun) or Try your hand at our puzzles and games for a chance to grab lucrative discounts & offers. Good Luck! - From Candy Baba

Solve this Riddle

I grind, I brew, without a word,
In kitchens and cafes, I’m heard.
Silent yet known to every guest,
I make what many love best.

What Am I?

Solve this Riddle

I might be red, or green, or yellow, hailed in tales both dark and mellow; a forbidden fruit, some might say, in gardens and tech, I find my way.

What Am I?

Solve this Riddle

You walk into this place with dough in mind. Flours bloom, where treats you'll find.

What Am I?

Solve this Riddle

In a cloak of many colors, I hide,
Changing flavors with each side.
I’m not a chameleon, but I deceive your eyes,
Tasty, and also sugary and wise?

What Am I?