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Candy Baba

Back to the 80s Letterbox Mix

Back to the 80s Letterbox Mix

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Step back into the neon-soaked, legwarmer-wearing era with our "Back to the 80s Letterbox Mix" – an exciting collection of sweets and snacks that encapsulate the vibrant tastes and memories of the raddest decade ever. Unbox a blast from the past and immerse yourself in the lively flavors of the 80s, where pop culture reigned supreme, and indulgence was the name of the game.

Crack open the box to discover a carefully curated selection that pays homage to the era of big hair, boomboxes, and iconic treats. From classic candies to beloved snacks, each item has been handpicked to transport you back to a time when arcade games ruled, and MTV was the heartbeat of cool.

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